bath, before/after

With years of experience in contracting as well as handy man work, I feel that we can perform new construction, extensive dry rot repairs, kitchen and bath room remodeling and a wide range of smaller repairs.

Plumbing and electrical repairs and changes have been a real success for us and can be done in a short time with a minimum of complications.

This room is an example of a complete bath demolition down to the framing and remodel to the desires of a cupple, who desidned it for them selvs. It includes rediant heating up through the tile floor, all new copper plumbing, G.F.I. protected electrical circuts. A new "pony wall" at the end of the bath/shower and three tile and stone nitches.  To see more including what this room looked like before the demolition began please go to the before/after page.


Please contact me, Bob Otterson, at either my work phone (510) 677-8606, or send me an E-mail to bob@sunbuildersca.com